Gone to Shoot Stock

I decided to move my Continental Drifter blog back to Shoot Stock on SquareSpace. It used to be there till I moved from SquareSpace to Yahoo Small Business, but now it’s back at SquareSpace and all is well with the world!


The Journey Continues

Old salt pond windmill, now part of the WWF Reserve, Trapani, Sicily


Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

I felt obliged to discontinue my previous “Continental Drifter” blog as, despite creating my original Continental Drift (as opposed to Drifter) blog a couple of decades ago, a number of others had popped up with the same or similar name. But since then I thought why should I change? There can be more than one John Smith or Evening Standard, so why not stick with the name that I chose. So, as I complete my rationalisation of web sites and domain names (I had about 25 domains at one stage), I decided to re-launch Continental Drifter attached to my Shoot Stock site.

(A bit more info about this appears on the blog Home page that will be updated once the blog is bedded in)