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I felt obliged to discontinue my previous “Continental Drifter” blog as, despite creating my original Continental Drift (as opposed to Drifter) blog a couple of decades ago, a number of others had popped up with the same or similar name. But since then I thought why should I change? There can be more than one John Smith or Evening Standard, so why not stick with the name that I chose. So, as I complete my rationalisation of web sites and domain names (I had about 25 domains at one stage), I decided to re-launch Continental Drifter attached to my Shoot Stock site.

Prompted by technical difficulties arising with some of Alan Skyrme Photography sites e.g. Shoot Froot, Shoot Stock etc., I decided to cut back on the number of domains in the stable and am now in the final stages of migrating remaining sites to new service providers. I will probably maintain just 4 sites in total – at least for the foreseeable future. In that way I will not need to be a full-time IT guy!

I have also made a conscious decision to make greater use of blogs rather than websites – sometimes a single website is enough as long as it is adequately supported by blogs, tweets and other channels.

My long term plan is to evolve – hence dumping 20 domains in favour of a more practical way of operating.

Continental Drifter is about Travel. I may repost some of my earlier articles but plan on adding a story at least once a week.

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment.